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About us

We began developing products focused on the international language school market’s need for fresh and all-inclusive management software in 2005. We expanded to the language travel agency market a few years later. More than 1000 users currently work with our Software.

Development has always been strongly focused on the needs of our current customers. All of our features are based on actual workflows and not on decisions made by product managers who've never worked in a language school or agency.

Our company has a complex history. One of the former owners also ran a couple of language schools and agency. This internal knowledge helped us develop and grow our products into the most powerful software solutions for the language travel industry.

Our CEO Mark Koopmann is also the co-founder of the software and has been part of the journey, from the first line of code up until today.

We still work very closely with all of our customers. Personalised support and a team that knows every customer and vice versa complements the product we offer.

For us it isn't simply about selling software, we are all part of the product!